Bipolar and Dementia = Inflamed Brain

bipolar-and-dementiaDementia can cause intellectual or interactive indicators such as efficient intrusion at work or during usual actions, and deterioration from prior levels of working and carrying out without confusion or major psychiatric illnesses.  When a misfiring of the neurotransmitters in your mind..relay to your intellect that something in your subconscious has been awakened; it give off a since of awareness that an individual normally wouldn’t have noticed.  This same effect happens in those who have a disorder as doctors call “bipolar disorder” many people that experience this often are thinking quicker than they can speak….this is why many have outburst.

Despite the two similarities, these two disorders also have significant differences. As likely, intellectual signs prevail in dementia and attitude symptoms with those with bipolar disorder. In dementia but not in bipolar disorder there is indication that the brain mechanical irregularities are diffuse and small organ within the brain’s temporal lobe are smaller. The hippocampus regulates emotion and mainly with remembrance, particularly in long-term memory.

We must remember that the issue where it all really begin is in the gut! This is why we must deal with the leaky gut issues. So, no longer will the inflammation of the small intestines effect our thinking mechanism.





Awakening your Inner Ability

These are just some thoughts that will try to infiltrate your mind, and will cause you to sabotage your own success. If you’re going to overcome insecurities, then you must have the courage to be different. Everyone isn’t going to do it like you, that’s why I say dare to be different. You weren’t created to fit into someone else’s puzzle—you’re the piece, that doesn’t won’t fit;  not only that there’s no need to try to impress others to accept you. There’s many times that you’ll have to deal with criticism without thinking that there’s something wrong with you.

The #1 thing you can’t do is compare yourself with others, you’re unique and a designer’s original. You must pursue everything you desire in excellence and with determination. You have everything compacted into you that you need to walk in your destiny. “Your Purpose has a Purpose” without purpose you can’t fulfill destiny. In order to reach your destiny, you must have purpose!

Your mind is the controlling mechanism of your life. (Philippian 4:6-9)

It’s time to walk into your NEXT LEVEL awakening your potential that resides on the inside of you. I say to you men and women from all walks of life its time to get empowered, motivated, refreshed, energized, and restored. Its time to EDIFY, STRENGTHEN and RESTORE one another.