axe.jpgHave you ever wondered why we say phrases like: *Trust your GUT *I have a GUT feeling *It was a GUT reaction *I know in my GUT*GUT instinct

FACT: You have a second brain in your gut.

It has about 100 million neurons, MORE than are in your spinal cord. (Pause a moment and think about the great lengths we go to protect this part of our bodies). This second brain is incapable of conscious thought. Scientists call it the enteric nervous system. We all know that our gut is responsible for digestion BUT it does way more than that. If you’ve ever felt “butterflies” in your stomach or felt as if you’ve been punched in the gut when receiving bad news…that was caused by your enteric nervous system. This is why your overall mood can be altered by certain foods and why bad situations or feelings can cause you to lose your appetite. Further proof that if we heal our gut we can heal so many other ailments.

I hear this ALL THE TIME, “I need to lose ___ pounds.” Do you really? Is it the pounds that bother you? Is it the number on the scale, the way you look, or the way you feel? Rethink what it is that you want. Do you want to be SKINNY or do you want to be HEALTHY? Because healthy isn’t attached to a specific size or number on the scale. Healthy is about YOUR BODY and what is best for you.

If you want to get healthy from the inside out, eat healthy whole foods and DON’T SKIP MEALS, especially breakfast. Take vitamins and supplements that support and balance your body as you cross the bridge from where you ARE to where you want to be. When your body has everything it needs to function the way it was meant to, the weight will come off without you having to starve yourself, punish yourself when you indulge, or kill yourself at the gym.

There are many misconceptions about just what Plexus is!

People see before and after pictures and think “Plexus will make me skinny!”

➡The TRUTH is—Plexus products are about making your body more balanced and helping things to work the way they should. And sometimes as a result of that balance, people do lose their extra weight.

✅ We don’t have an energy drink…we have a drink that helps you find your natural energy by balancing out your blood sugars without pumping you full of stimulants.

✅ We don’t have diet pills…we have Probiotics and a Magnesium supplement which help balance out your gut, and rid you of sugar cravings/ yeast overgrowth.

Do YOU feel unhealthy? Would you like to feel HEALTHY again?

THAT is what Plexus is about. NOT about getting skinny. It’s NOT a FAD…it is helping THOUSANDS of people of all ages and all walks of life FEEL BETTER. Come join me!!