About Petch

Kelly Turner is a highly respected and inspirational/motivational speaker who has spoke alongside of great speakers such as Tera Carissa, Kris Dillard, Cedric Cobb, Markt Music and Johnny Burkhalter just to name a few. As a Cultivator, Forerunner and mouthpiece, where she speak reality and reveal her transparency.

As a young teenage mother who spoke to the youth of her generation now travels, ministers, preaches, teaches and leads people to understand their true value on this earth. Kelly is a new breed! She equips individuals with the necessary tools to unlock their own personal treasure within. The assignment has equipped and brings Restoration, Healing, Deliverance and Freedom to those who have been domestically abused, coping with addictions, homelessness as well as other circumstances.

PETCH was birthed while Kelly became tired of seeing others hurting, abused, stagnate and unable to be a voice to their generation. Kelly is passionate in showing that “Someone is awaiting their arrival.” She doesn’t just minister to women alone but the masses of men as well.

Kelly is here to help you cultivate to ensure proper GROWTH while you’re TRANSITIONING through different stages and phases of life and PREPARING you for the Awakening of your Inner Ability!


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Frustration leads to Depression

One don’t quite understand that the frustration from either your business, family, finances can trigger and effect anyone with depression…How you may ask? Because we have neurotransmitters that signal the neuron within our brain that our senses are misfiring and leading to all sorts of dysfunctions.  FRUSTRATION LEADS TO DEPRESSION As intellectual people, we all … Continue reading Frustration leads to Depression

Anxiety & Stress linked to Inflammation of the GUT

Anxiety, Stress and Inflammation can be commonly known in patients with autoimmune diseases that coincide with chronic degenerative conditions.  An imbalance of bacteria and fungi in your gastrointestinal tract, also known as dysbiosis will cause your immune system to overreact to bacteria in your gut and can be without noticeable symptoms. Stress! Did I say … Continue reading Anxiety & Stress linked to Inflammation of the GUT

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