Frustration leads to Depression

One don’t quite understand that the frustration from either your business, family, finances can trigger and effect anyone with depression…How you may ask? Because we have neurotransmitters that signal the neuron within our brain that our senses are misfiring and leading to all sorts of dysfunctions. 


As intellectual people, we all in every aspect of our lives experience frustration to some kind of magnitude and some form of depression in life. Frustration can be thought of as a reaction that people think first hand, when they cannot obtain any of their goals in life. Depression, on the other hand, has to be clearly understood as a mental condition where a person feels no awareness in any action and feels helpless and useless in life. Any person can sense this state of vulnerability, when he/she cannot accomplish their goals. This triggers that frustration that can lead to despair. What is the difference between the two Frustration and Depression?

    Frustration deals with emotional experiences, when goals aren’t obtained. Depression is a mental condition when a person has no curiosity in life whatsoever.  An extreme level of frustration can cause depression that we see also in those with bipolar disease.

    Unlike frustration, as depression it’s a mental disorder, that MUST be treated with rehabilitation and medication.  A frustrated individual may display reactions such as irritation, discontent, dissatisfaction, and even misery while also depressed, overwhelmed, helpless, insignificant, and worn-out. This is where we as a unite must continually speak and out on these matters. We all can be a listening ear to one who just need to express themselves much differently than others.

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